Call to Recovery (C2R) Addictions Anonymous  
     Call to Recovery is a ministry that utilizes the 12-Step program of recovery as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to help people overcome addictions of all types.
     Those participating in C2R seek to re-anchor the 12-Steps in their lives and to recognize the biblical framework they came from. This is accomplished by acknowledging their broken relationship with God, accepting moral responsibility for failures, admitting their powerlessness and the need for outside help. Participants ask God to remove defects of character by committing to making amends to all whom they have harmed, seeking through prayer to improve a conscious contact with God, as well as carrying this message of healing to others – this formula for recovery comes straight from the pages of the Bible.
     C2R uses various resources:  The Life Recovery Bible, the Big Book, the Big Book Study guide, Narcotics Anonymous text book, and others, to stay focused on the 12-Steps of recovery.  The only requirement for membership is a desire to be set free from addiction and/or addiction related issues.
     It is our great hope that all those who have no answer in dealing with their addiction, may begin to find one in our Call to Recovery meetings and join us on the high road to a NEW FREEDOM.
     If you have any questions about C2R ministry please contact Joe Kempf at or Dan Hosch at c2r@rockhillbc.comOr call Faith In Action Outreach at 903-489-7500.

Each donation is faith in action.