5154759492_115c871fdb_z.jpgMany of our clients do not yet qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, and many are unemployed and without insurance benefits. What are they to do when they are sick and need a prescription? Their income is so low that sometimes they are faced with choosing to buy medicine or pay their utility bill. That's where we are able to help. We have a pre-paid account with our local pharmacy and we work with them to get our clients the medications they need.

This year Malakoff Pharmacy provided free flu shots to clients who did not have Medicare or Medicaid. And, in the coming year, it is our goal to have some informational and educational talks about medicines, diabetes, and other health and wellness issues. Some of these talks will be held at the Outreach Center and some at Malakoff Pharmacy.

What a blessing it is to work with professionals in our community who truly care about people!

Each donation is faith in action.
Drug costs photo taken by Ano Lobb (@healthyrx on Flicr)