Each donation is faith in action.


For the past 3 years we have been helping a couple who have been working really hard to make their lives better. The husband has seizures and cannot work or drive because of this disability. The wife works at a local fast food restaurant. When we met them they lived in a very small travel trailer and did not have any transportation. So she would walk 4 miles to work and back every day. Two years ago, with the help of a Sunday School Class, we bought them a bicycle so that she could use it to get back and forth to work. She tried this, but since she had to get up so early it was dark, and she didn't feel safe. So, she kept walking, and we (the couple and the folks at FIAO) began praying for a car for them.

God answered our prayers a few months later when a person from a local business gave her a car. Granted, it didn't look great and it needed some repairs, so the husband worked on the car, and we kept giving food, helping with medicines, giving rides whenever we could, and praying. Finally the car was running but needed headlights so it could pass inspection. Another local businessman helped us get the headlights at cost. In the meantime, the wife was studying to take her driver's test. Just last week when I saw her at her job, she told me she was ready to go! What joy I saw on her face!

This is just an example of how sometimes God answers our prayers a little at a time and not just all at once. Sometimes He expects us to put forth our best efforts and He is there to give us the strength to do it.  God uses His people to answer prayer. Yes, He could have miraculously given them a car and money, and all that they need, but instead He allows His people to be blessed by blessing others. It is still faith at work -- faith to believe that He will answer and provide -- faith of the one who gave the car -- faith of the businessman who gave the headlights! GLORY TO GOD ---- FAITH IN ACTION!!!